UMAUK Patrons

Kateryna Yushchenko

Kateryna Yushchenko, wife of the Third President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, is dedicated to representing Ukraine internationally, working in community service, and raising her family. Following the completion of a higher education and successful career as an economist and manager in both the United States and Ukraine, Mrs. Yushchenko is now involved in numerous charitable projects with the Ukraine 3000 International Foundation that she chairs. The key priority of the Foundation is better health for Ukraine’s children.

As Chairperson of Ukraine 3000 Foundation, Kateryna Yushchenko is active in charitable, historical and cultural activities. One of her main priorities is to address the difficult social issues currently troubling Ukraine, particularly health care for children, education, homeless and orphaned children, and integrating the disabled into society. Her Foundation, Ukraine 3000, is dedicated to encouraging the revival and development of a tradition of charity and community responsibility in Ukraine.  The Foundation has responded to thousands of requests from individuals in dire need of medical care and other assistance.