UMAUK charity fundraising evening

Saturday the 16th of November 2013

The money raised will fund educational visits to London for Ukrainian doctors specializing in Organ Transplantation, Anaesthesia, Pain Medicine or Intensive Care.



The doors are open

18:15– 18:35

Performances by children from the Ukrainian Scout Organisation in the UK “Plast”



Nazar Bilozir– guitar, Habanera Era (G Ryan), Ukrainian folk song

Martha Fetsyk– keyboard, Boating Lake (Alan Bullard), What A Moonlit Night (Ukrainian folk song)

Lubomyra Chekh– keyboard, Dance (folk), Jingle Bells (J L Pierpont)

Olga Chekh– guitar, Granddad And She-goat (Ukrainian children song)

Chiara Cregg– keyboard, Jazzy Joey (C Rollin)

GianPaolo Cregg– keyboard, The Entertainer (S Joplin), The Song of Twilight (Y Nakada)



Andy Hunder, Director of The Ukrainian Institute in London

Andriy Kuzmenko, Ukrainian diplomatic mission to the Court of Saint James's

Roman Cregg, President of the UMAUK

18:35– 18:50

Performance by trio “Zhayvir”

19:05– 19:20

Presentation of the Ukrainian artists


David Phillips, art lecturer“Optical Illusion and Art”

20:40– 21:00

Performance by trio “Zhayvir” and Kristina Tyniv

21:00– 21:20


21:20– 21:30

Performance by Kristina Tyniv

22:10– 22:45

Auction  and Raffle



Food and wine will be served as starter, main course and dessert during the evening. Food is served by catering company “Dnister”.

David Phillips

David Phillipswas an art curator in Nottingham Castle Museum from 1968 to 1982 and then taught on a masters course in museums studies in Manchester University until 1997.  In recent years he's been a freelance art lecturer, keeping his hand in with occasional museum or exhibition projects and following up an interest in aesthetics and the psychology of perception. 

Kristina Tyniv

A talented young singer, originally from the Western Ukraine. She started singing at the age of five. Since moving to the UK, Khristyna has been part of ”Molodyi teatr” – the Ukrainian theatre group in London.

Trio “Zayvir”

Trio “Zayvir” is originally from Ivano-Frankivs’k, a city in the Western Ukraine near the Carpathian mountains. They have been playing together for over 20 years and have performed all over the Ukraine prior to coming to the UK. The Trio play bandura - a Ukrainian plucked string folk instrument. It combines elements from the zither and lute, as was based on its lute-like predecessor, the kobza.


Ivanka and Oleksandr Voytovych

Oleksandr Voytovychstudied in L’viv Ivan Trush Art College and L’viv Art Academy. He is famous for his original interpretation of the female image. Portrait and nudity - the main theme of his work. Ivanka Voytovych studied in A.Erdeli Uzhgorod College of Arts and Lviv Academy of Arts. They met in 1994 and their first project was born. Ivanka’s work is very recognizable and have this distinguished extravagance and individual style. Many artists' works are in private collections in Spain, France, Austria, Hungary, Germany, United Kingdom , Ukraine , Canada , the United States and Russia.

Nataliya Zozulya

Nataliya Zozulyais a Ukrainian painter who is resident in both Kyiv and London. She trained at the Ukrainian National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture where she was subsequently a Senior Lecturer and is currently Associate Professor in Painting. Nataliya has established a reputation in her home country for work in a number of genres, including portrait painting. Her landscape and figure paintings show the influence of her travels in the Philippines, North Africa, and United Kingdom where she has also exhibited. Nataliya is a member of the Commonwealth of Artists of the Ukraine and has works in public collections in countries such as Ukraine, Russia and Germany.

Lesya Kara-Kotsya

Lesya Kara-Kotsya is an established Ukrainian artist and international designer who has developed her own unique style, called “karakoko”. Lesya’s artworks belong to museums and private collections around the world. She's exclusively represented in the UK by Happenstance Gallery.


Photographer of the event Igor Polataiko


If you are unable to attend please make a donation

Dress code: creative black tie


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